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Suzanna Martirosyan, a pivotal figure in Fab Lab Armenia, epitomizes a commitment to education, technology, and growth, from her upbringing in Dilijan, steeped in natural beauty and biodiversity, to her academic journey culminating in a bachelor’s degree in environmental chemistry.  Suzanna’s Lifelong Learning Journey Honing her expertise as a Biology and Chemistry lab technician at Dilijan Central School and as

Join us in celebrating Maxime Richard, an inspirational force driving innovation and education at Fab Lab Armenia. His journey from chemistry to digital fabrication embodies the spirit of creativity and impact. Explore how Maxime envisions a knowledge-based future for Armenia and beyond. #InnovationLeader #TechEducation #FutureOfArmenia

Master Class and Hands-on Workshops in Ambient Intelligence and Digital Fabrication by Florent Aziosmanoff, Futurist, and Pioneer of the Living Art Industry This summer from August 14 - 25 at Fab Lab Armenia Education Foundation in Dilijan, ten Artists selected by AGBU’s Katapult Creative Accelerator Program came together with digital fabrication specialists to fuse Art and Technology. Under the masterful

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