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Labster, the world’s leading Edtech platform for digital interactive and Immersive Science Labs, makes science engaging and fun. It is now accessible to all high school and university students in Armenia.

A Tripartite Alliance Aiming for Excellence.

  • The Danish innovator Labster is recognized for crafting cutting-edge immersive digital learning platforms.
  • The esteemed Ministry of Education of the Republic of Armenia.
  • The visionary Fab Lab Armenia Education Foundation is dedicated to driving forward-thinking initiatives in education.

Labster’s mission is to make science accessible for every learner through immersive experiences that bring science to life with the best science simulations designed by real scientists.

No need for special virtual reality equipment.

With Labster, students can explore state-of-the-art laboratories from their internet browsers or iPads, without requiring access to multimillion-dollar physical facilities. The Labster catalog of 300-plus STEM curriculum-aligned virtual lab simulations and a vast library of supplemental materials enable educators to enhance their science offerings and supplement their in-classroom activities to help increase student engagement in science.

Labster was co-founded by Michael Bodekaer Jensen and Mads Tvillinggaard Bonde, who are dedicated to revolutionizing science education. Through their shared passion for emerging technologies and gaming, they designed the Labster education platform to ignite passion, curiosity, and fun and to dive deep into science learning and scientific exploration. Labster’s immersive platforms engage learners of all ages, from high school to university students to professional scientists conducting cutting-edge research and development.

Today, Labster has reached 6 million learners through its partnerships with leading high school and higher education institutions in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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