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Exchange Rate USD: Tue, 16 Jul.

Exchange Rate USD: Tue, 16 Jul.

Exchange Rate USD: Tue, 16 Jul.

Exchange Rate USD: Tue, 16 Jul.

The Fab Lab Armenia Education Foundation is working nationally to democratize access to the tools and knowledge for technological invention. For youth, lifelong learners, and communities in need, this access gives them the ability to solve local technical challenges and to build economic opportunity through grassroots invention. This donation will be used to support the ongoing operations and growth of The Fab Lab Armenia Education Foundation, and the national network we support. For more information on how to support the many educational and economic outreach projects, or to support the establishment or infrastructure of new Fab Labs in Armenia, please contact us. Thank you for your interest and your contribution!

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What is a Fab Lab in 3 words?


Fab Lab creator and MIT physicist Neil Gershenfeld offers a look at how personal fabrication is ushering in a revolution in do-it-yourself design and manufacturing.


We are so grateful for your support. Every donation helps us to equip and empower our curious community as they imagine the impossible and make it happen.

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