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Fab Lab Charter


Support curious minds and daring doers to imagine the impossible and innovate the status quo.

A multi-cultural, multi-generational hive of creativity and entrepreneurship, where people come together to imagine a better way and then make it happen with their own hands.

We have a vision of community transformation on a local level, enriching education, stimulating small businesses, fueling aspiration and raising the profile of the region. At Fab Lab Armenia Education Foundation, we’re here to tell you that if you can imagine it, you can make it. We have an open-door policy, where everyone’s invited to access, explore and experiment with the latest modern digital manufacturing technologies.

Our Fab Lab is a community hot bed of educational experiences, lifelong learning, limitless creativity, and groundbreaking innovation – all in the name of curiosity and problem-solving. We bridge the gap between local people, world-leading technologies and a global learning community, so that anyone can come and play. From school children to farmers and veterans, anyone with a curious mind can be a part of this hive of creativity and entrepreneurship. We’re shaped by and for the local community, but we’re also ready to step up and make our voices heard in the global conversation, through the Fab Lab network of knowledge-sharing and co-creation.

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